Industrial Greenfield Projects

A Greenfield project is one that lacks constraints imposed by prior work on the site. Typically, what a Greenfield project entails is development on a completely vacant site. A brownfield project is one that carries constraints related to the current state of the site. A greenfield project is one which is not constrained by prior work. It is constructing on unused land where there is no need to remodel or demolish an existing structure. Such projects are often coveted by engineers.

Infrastructure, Planning & Designing : This majorly include following steps

  • 01. Topographical Survey for Land, Roads, Bridges, Drainage, etc
  • 02. Geological Exploration and Technical Analysis
  • 03. Quality testing laboratories with site testing facility (associated labs)
  • 04. Understand from clients the functional requirements
  • 05. Prepare the concept drawings & detail drawings
  • 06. Development of Water Harvesting and Irrigation Methods


Piping Works
Piping Works
Piping Works

Interior and Landscaping

  • 01. Basic Layouts, Quantity Surveying, Tendering
  • 02. Execution Drawings and Detailing
  • 03. Selection of Various Materials, Furniture,
  • 04. Selection of various Trees, Shrubs, Border Flowering Plants, Lawns etc. for Landscaping with Special Consideration of Local Conditions


Interior and Landscaping
Interior and Landscaping
Interior and Landscaping

Effluent Treatment & Water Treatment Plants

  • 01. Process Study of the Effluent
  • 02. State Pollution Control Board's Consent to Establish and Operate
  • 03. Waste Disposal and Sewage Treatment Systems
  • 04. Water Harvesting and Irrigation Methods
  • 05. Process Study for Soft Water
  • 06. Preparing P & ID's for Various Systems for Approvals
  • 07. Equipment Specifications, Inquiry and Selection
  • 08. Installation and Testing Supervision


Authority Approvals

  • 01. Drawings and documentation assistance for approval of various Statutory Authorities
  • 02. Application for approval from Statutory / local authority
  • 03. Liaison with statutory authorities
  • 04. Technical support for various approvals and sanctions


Effluent Treatment & Water Treatment Plants
Effluent Treatment & Water Treatment Plants

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